Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reflections from "TEACH" and #satchat

The following is an email I sent to staff this morning after reflecting on "TEACH" and #satchatoc and #satchat discussions last night and this morning.

"Good morning!  I wanted to reach out to you this morning for two reasons.  The first is how impressed I am by how you and our students did this first week of school.  You have provided expectations and activities that I know will carry us through the school year.  As I watched "TEACH" on CBS last night, I thought of each of you and what you do for and with our kids.  I saw many of your attributes in the stories of the teachers highlighted in the program.  I'm looking for a way to share the show with you all.  Jen and I were even inspired enough to stop watching "Bridezillas"!  As I watched, I spoke of you and how these teachers were meeting kids' needs just like you do every day.
The second is a reflection on #satchatoc and #satchat discussions I was a part of last night and this morning.  The topic was leadership and connecting with staff, students, and families.  I am open and willing to listen to any suggestions you might have for me to improve my capacity as a leader.  My calendar is on my door and this week is pretty open to talk except on Wednesday morning when I have three grade level meetings.
Now to the two important items.
#1. Please provide me with a name of a student in your classes who would benefit from a call home.  Either you can make the call or I will.  That choice is up to you.  I need to do a better job of reaching out to families for feedback on how we are doing.
#2. Please have a book handy in your classroom.  I started carrying one around yesterday.  When I wasn't interacting with students or checking emails or twitter on my Chromebook, I was reading.  Imagine the power of that image for kids if we all did that!
Thanks for all that you do for our kids and each other every day.  You are awesome co-workers and even better teachers.
Enjoy your weekend.

I would like to thank all of you who are a part of my PLN and especially those of you who participate in #satchat for pushing me to think, reflect, and act due to the myriad of conversations we have on twitter.  You all make me want to be a better principal each and every day.  I cannot thank you enough!