Monday, February 3, 2014

Delegation, or should we call it teamwork?

When I first read the week 20 post by Amber, I was struck by the word "delegation".  I guess I never thought about providing teachers with leadership opportunities as delegating.  I consider it teamwork.  All of us should be working together- in our grade level, in our school, in our district- to do what is in the best interest of kids.

No one person can do everything well.  One person might be able to do everything, but it quite possibly could be done better by someone else on their team.  My responsibility is to find the appropriate role for every person on our team.  What does each member of our team bring to the table?  Do they have a passion for a content area?  Are they a natural at developing relationships?  Do they have a good grasp of the big picture?  Are they the one that everyone comes to when an issue arises?  Are they great at planning get togethers to help with the morale of the team?  Are they the voice of a grade level or content area?  If you really tried, I'm sure that you could find a role for each of the educators in your school.

I work with a strong team of teachers.  Each teacher has a role in our school and they do a great job in their role.  I don't call it delegating.  I call it teamwork.