Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Am I cultivating teacher leaders?

Am I cultivating teacher leaders?  I sure hope so, but sometimes I wonder if I have provided enough opportunities to those staff who want to take charge of something.  We have staff who are leaders in content areas, Response to Intervention, technology integration, and our Building Leadership Team.

But then something happened this week that let me know that I am cultivating teacher leaders.  I have tried my best to develop relationships with individual staff members but didn't know until this Monday that staff are more than happy to step up and take charge.  Two staff wanted to develop a team of teachers to discuss behavior, specifically of our older students, that would reward those students who have significantly good behavior.  They weren't talking about stickers or smiley faces, but something that the students would really want to earn and that may help to change behaviors.  We do Response to Intervention, but the main focus has been on reading and mathematics.  Now behaviors are the focus, and two teachers are taking charge.  I'm going to sit back during their discussions with staff and let them take over.  It won't be easy for me, but this is important for the teachers, and me, to understand that the staff can really take over an issue and make improvements.  I will be there to support them but I need to give them the opportunity to be true leaders.  I cannot wait to see how it works out.