Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#10Assumptions I had as a kid

After reading a post by Joe Mazza (@JoeMazza) called #10Assumptions I had as a kid, I felt compelled to come up with my own #10Assumptions.  I was compelled because Joe actually emailed me the link to the blog and asked that I consider my own assumptions.  So here goes.
#1.  Money can buy happiness.  It doesn't.  It just buys things.
#2.  Everyone wants what's best for everyone else.  It's not true.  Some want what's only best for themselves.
#3.  My family was like everyone else's.  It's not true.  Every family is different, and that's a good thing.
#4. The only good basketball officials are male.  My sister proved me wrong over and over again.
#5.  Coaches had to yell to get players and teams to be successful.  My high school track coach proved that wrong with his constant positivity.
#6. The only happy couples are a boy and a girl.  My good friend Tony, and his friend Felix, proved me wrong.
#7.  I could only be friends with people I knew face to face.  Twitter and voxer have proved me wrong.
#8.  People that smile at you like you.  That's not always the case.  Sometimes they are laughing at you and don't like you at all.
#9.  My grandparents would always be there.  They aren't "there" now, and I should have done so much more to connect with them.
#10.  Your best friend in grade school will always be your best friend.  That's not true.  Sometimes you move away.  Sometimes they find a new best friend.  Sometimes you find a new best friend.  My best friend is my wife and I didn't know her in grade school.
What would you add to my #10Assumptions?