Monday, August 24, 2015

Nuts and bolts for staff meeting

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In an effort to make our 2:00 all-staff meeting as short as possible, please make sure to look this over beforehand.  We will be reviewing PBIS procedures (see presentation here and Wednesday's schedule and Thursday's schedule) first and then opening up the floor to any questions you might have about the information in this blog.  These items are in no particular order of importance or significance except for the first one.  I need your picture with your 3 words!

3 word challenge
Please choose three words (see previous request in last week's blog) and send me a picture for a Google presentation.  Here's what I have so far.  If you need a photographer, just let me know.

Open House
I'm so excited for this!  Remember, you can only make one first impression so let's make it a good one.  Hours are from 5:00-7:00 and don't forget the staff picture at 3:30!  The PTO is also providing dinner for us following our picture.

Supervision responsibilities
Please greet our students either outside, in the commons, or in the hallways for the first week of school.  It sends a message that we are happy to see them and will be keeping an eye on them, too.  Once the school year begins, please be in the hallways to greet the students and one another.  The students enter the building at 8:40 and they want to see you there.  All staff should be in the hallway during passing time and dismissal at the end of the day.  Let's get this habit started early.

Emergency procedures
Please locate the emergency procedures (tornado, fire, intruder) information in your classroom.  If you don't have one, please let me know.  We will practice these procedures during our PBIS kick off.

Communicating with families
Start off positive and it will pay big dividends later on.  Phone calls are personal and will make a great first impression.  Emails are also effective.  Matt has put together a Google form that will send a message.  And don't forget our Mustang Medals.  I have Barb send these home each month or quarter.

Grade level meetings
I will meet with grade levels weekly on a time and date that you agree upon as a team.  Please avoid Wednesdays if at all possible.

Family Information Nights
Please choose a night during the week of September 7th or 14th to host Family Information Nights by grade level.  These only need to be 30-45 minutes in length.  I will attend so that I can briefly speak about communication and PBIS.

Teacher attire
Please remember to dress professionally.  There isn't a need to wear skirts or a tie or both each and every day, but the students notice what we wear and model it, too.  We will have plenty of Friday's to wear jeans and plenty of Tuesday's for bow ties.  In fact, our first Friday will be jeans and our Merton Way t-shirts.  If you are in need of a Merton Way t-shirt, please let me know.  I have some but may need to order more.

Guest teacher folders
Please have these prepared for the first day of school (You never know!) with your schedule, seating charts, lesson plans, names of students to rely upon, and PBIS information.  Including the names of staff would be helpful as well.  Also provide important contact numbers (Barb- 2003, Jay- 2001).

Teacher work hours
We are scheduled to be at school from 8:15-4:15.  Students enter the building at 8:40 and you should all be in the hallway at that time.  Announcements are at 8:48.  Classes start at 8:50.  Students are dismissed at 4:00 and you should all be int he hallway at that time.  It is important for all of us to be visible in the hallways before and after school as well as during passing times.

Second Wednesday of the month
We will continue the tradition of late start for the students and extended time for staff on the second Wednesday of the month.  We will begin at 8:00 on these days with a meeting in the Little Theater.  Students will be dismissed from the gym at 9:15 and an adjusted schedule will be provided.  Topics for our meeting will be communicated by Lori, Corinne, or Jay.

Teacher observation meetings
I will be emailing staff who are "on cycle" for this school year to set up pre-observation meetings.  If you aren't "on cycle" and still want to meet, that's great for me.  Staff new to Merton are definitely "on cycle" as are staff who joined us last year (5 new staff, 3 second year staff).  There are seven of you who volunteered for year 2.  I think you know who you are, but if not,  I will be emailing all of the year 2 volunteers to see if you would be willing to move to year 3.  Having 15 staff on formal observation is difficult but not impossible.

National Junior Honor Society
Thanks to Heather and Megan for bringing this to our school.  They will explain more about this at our staff meeting.  Great opportunities for our students and for staff.  We will be having a Veterans' Day assembly on November 11th as part of National Junior Honor Society.