Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Keep moving around

Where does instruction occur?
You may or may not know this about me- I don't really do well sitting at my desk.  I don't really do well sitting anywhere for very long.  I enjoy being up and about, interacting with students and staff in as many ways as I can.  I notice that most of you do your best learning when you have a chance to move about as well.  I have seen you move about the classroom, checking in with students, whether they are asking for help or not.  Here is a link to an article about a principal who obviously didn't notice the same things about her staff that I notice about you.  Don't worry!  I won't be taking your teacher desks, or your filing cabinets, out of your classrooms.  Teacher desks have a purpose.  It's just not a place for you to sit all day long.  If I notice that you are almost always moving about the room, you can bet the kids notice, too.  Keep on doing what you're doing and don't hang out behind your desk.  And if you keep moving about the room, it will have a great impact on your daily step count, too.

Monday, October 26                  4:15-5:15  BLT meeting
                                                    7:30  Board meeting
Tuesday, October 27                 1:00-4:00  Science curriculum meeting
                                                    4:15-5:15  Practice
Thursday, October 29                Team meetings (6th- 8:55, 5th- 9:45, 7th/8th- 12:22)
                                                    2:01-3:01  Coaching meeting
                                                    4:15-5:15  Practice
Friday, October 30                     Out all day- New York City Marathon weekend
Sunday, November 1                 New York City Marathon
Monday, November 2                Out all day- New York City Marathon weekend

Tweets, quotes, and blogs
"Minds are like flowers; they only open when the time is right."- Stephen Richards, writer
"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.  Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better."- Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker
Backing Up (from @GenieneD on Twitter, my #ptcamp friend, about the importance of reflection)
"Action is the foundational key to all success."- Anthony Robbins, writer and motivational speaker
"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare."- Dale Carnegie, writer and motivational speaker
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Family smore for 10.21.15

What Great Educators Do Differently
The picture below reminds me of a number of conversations that I had with Brian, Holly, and Carey last weekend at the What Great Educators Do Differently conference.  The hashtag from the conference can be found here. (#wgedd)  If you have a moment during this long weekend, take a look through the tweets.  You'll notice that Merton was well represented, both in tweets and during presentations.  Don't hesitate to talk with Brian, Holly, Carey or me if you'd like to know more.
(from PixTeller)
Now a little more about the sign above.  Have you ever come across a new idea, something that you think could really be a game changer, but you don't take the chance to give it a try?  Next week is the week to put that all behind you.  Come on.  Try something new.  And once you have, share it with a colleague, or with me, or with everyone.  Imagine the possibilities.  Model taking a risk.  Show your creative side.  And if you're on twitter, how about sharing your idea with the #mertonint hashtag.  (More to come on that from our BLT in the weeks to come.)

Enjoy your long weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday.  Don't forget to wear red!