Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first online class

I have begun taking an online graduate class for the first time.  It's entitled "An Introduction to Coaching."  All of the other graduate classes I have taken have been limited to seat time, lecture, reading, few classroom discussions, and regurgitation of information.  After beginning this class, I think online classes were made for me!
Those who know me know that I have difficult time staying focused for long periods of time.  This online class has afforded me the option of working for 30 minutes or an hour at a time at home, before school, or after school.  I've even been able to do some of the work at school while I'm eating lunch and checking emails and twitter.  I've gone into classrooms to see staff and students in action while putting what I'm learning into practice. I'm currently looking at questioning techniques that are used by staff, students, and me in all types of school situations.
Today was a snow day so I've been able to work from time to time on my classwork.  I have been able to stay in contact with my professor even though neither of us has met face to face.  I am able to ask questions, answer questions, and do course work when it's opportunistic for me.  I read background information, reflect on what I've read and done, and put what I've learned into action.  This is truly anytime, anywhere learning.  I can't wait to take my next online class!  Wouldn't it be great to provide these types of options for all of our students, and not just on snow days?