Friday, January 21, 2011

A simple thank you can change your day

I was having a difficult day at school this week.  Dealing with adult issues can do that to a principal from time to time.  I was trying everything I could think of to change my attitude.  I was talking to other adults, but that wasn't working.  I was visiting classrooms, seeing staff and students learning and interacting, but that wasn't working.  I was checking twitter and emails for uplifting thoughts, but that wasn't working.  Then it happened.  One of our special education students came into the office looking for me.  He had something to give me that I wasn't expecting.  He had hand-written a thank you note to me for getting some bean bag chairs for his classroom.  There was even a picture he had drawn showing him sitting in one of the chairs.  We shared a fist bump and a smile.  It made my day.  Can you find someone to thank today?  It could completely change their day.