Monday, January 17, 2011

Conversations (originally posted 11/7/10)

As I think about changes in education, I reflect on conversations that have guided me throughout my career.  Many of these conversations have occurred face to face with other educators- fellow teachers and fellow administrators.  The conversations that have really provided me with a chance to pause and think about education today have been with parents.  Being a parent myself, I understand that parents want only what's best for their children.  My wife and I are no different for our daughter.  Having conversations with fellow educators and your wife about education is one thing.  Having conversations with parents is another thing all together.  For many parents, their only experience in education is that they went to school.  We need to find as many ways as possible to engage them in conversation about all of the global and local changes those of us in education are facing.  Postings on school websites, emails, and newsletters are some ways.  But many people still prefer a face to face conversation.  Many of the teachers I work with and for have had individual conferences with parents.  We have had school board presentations and community chats.  All of these methods of communication are helping to educate our parents about the changes in education, but can we do more?