Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts (originally posted 10/1/10)

Have you ever thought back about a two week time frame and realized it has been the most powerful experience of your career?  That's what I've been doing all morning.  In the last two weeks I have been challenged by students, parents, staff, and family about a variety of topics.  Each of these challenging discussions has made me grow, reaffirming or changing my beliefs about education and it's current state.  The discussions have been about both positive and negative changes to our school, whether perceived or real.  Being able to discuss these conversations, both before and afterwards, has made the learning even more impactful for me.  Some of these discussions have been face to face while others have been via email or twitter.  I'm relatively new to twitter, but the impact it has had on how I think about our school is incredible.  Now I'm starting my own blog because of the impact of many of the links from people I follow on twitter.  I look forward to your feedback.