Thursday, April 7, 2011

The resiliency of kids

Today changed the entire outlook I have on all of the challenges I face as a husband, father, and principal on a daily basis.  It came because of a two-minute conversation I had with a student before school.  She is one of those students who greets me every time she sees me.  She has a smile on her face and has a bubbly personality.  But it's what she said after she greeted me this morning that still brings a tear to my eye.  Not only did she say hello to me this morning, she couldn't wait to tell me the good news.  It wasn't until she was done telling the story that I realized how much resilience this nine-year old girl has.  This is what she told me.

"Mr. Posick.  I'm so happy.  I'm going to be living over the Custard Shoppe with my mom.  I'll get to walk to and from school.  It will be great."  Had the story ended there, I wouldn't have cried later as I told the story to the members of our administrative team.  It's what she said next that changed how I look at all the challenges I have and how truly insignificant these challenges are.  She continued by saying the following.

"Mr. Posick.  I have to move because my mom and dad are splitting up again.  It's alright, though.  They fight all the time and it will be better for all of us if they split up again.  Can you believe I get to live above the Custard Shop?  It's going to be great!"

Once she finished her story, I tried to say something profound but I couldn't speak.  I just smiled and watched her skip away with her friends.  I couldn't believe how happy she was after hearing that her family had split up once again.

As I continued my day, no matter what happened, I smiled about how insignificant my challenges are compared to this nine-year old girl.  I smiled a lot today as I thought about the best ways to attack my challenges.  I hope to smile even more tomorrow.  I might even skip a little bit.  If a nine-year old girl can smile and skip while her family is splitting apart, can't each of us smile as we attack the challenges we face every day?