Friday, June 20, 2014

Thanks to all #SAVMP participants

I remember being fortunate enough to be on Twitter when I saw George's post about the virtual mentoring program.  I was excited to become a part of a dynamic group of people who were more than willing to share their thoughts and ideas about all things education.  I cannot believe how much I learned, on my own time, from each and every one of you.  When I was notified of a new blog, I made it a point to read it as soon as I had a spare moment.  I didn't comment on each of the blogs, but I did read every word.  The messages that you blogged about touched me in ways that attending a graduate class could never have done.
I look forward to staying connected and continuing learning with and from each of you.  Thanks to George and Amber for their leadership with this endeavor.  They were both willing to share their expertise at no cost to any of us.
May you all have a summer that gets you recharged and excited about your next school year.