Monday, June 30, 2014

We need partnerships, so what's next? #ptcamp

The opportunity of #ptcamp could not have come at a better time for our school.  I have wanted to have more parents and community members join in the celebrations, and struggles, that we have as a school.  I have reached out a link on our school's website ( which includes a weekly smore ( that I send out in an email using our student information system.  There is also a link to the school's twitter account ( so that parents don't need a twitter account but can still see pictures of students and staff in action.  The unfortunate thing about each of these communication tools is that they are one way, just information from me to parents so no conversation actually occurs.  Aside from my one way communication with parents, our staff does a very good job communicating with parents, but I know that we can all do much more.
As I read chapter two and "ranked" our school, I realized it was just my perspective and that I need to involve many more people- staff, students, and parents- to really do a better job with this.  That being said, as I looked at the rubric, I noticed that we have elements of each of the schools, from the PTA in a Partnership school to a security clearance mentality in a Fortress school.  Overall, we fall somewhere between an Open-Door school and a Come-If-We-Call school.  Now, I need to involve staff, students, and families in taking us to the next level.  In the weeks to come this summer, I plan on sending out a smore to all parents to invite them in to speak with me about what we can do, together, to improve family engagement throughout all aspects of our school.  I plan on having a couple of group meetings but also want to invite parents to stop in for individual face to face meetings.  My hope is that providing these opportunities will spread the word that we are trying to involve and include all of our parents in conversations that will improve all that we do for our kids.  Would't you agree that is the most important reason to develop partnerships?