Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Short week, but lots of learning

Three day weeks create interesting challenges.  We are all here, but we can see the weekend approaching so much more quickly than a full week.  And we still have so many things to do with and for our kids but only three days to do them.  A three day week also means we have a long weekend, something that is so important for us at this time of the year.  Use the time to recharge, refresh, and refocus.  Hang out with your family and friends and do something not related to school for one full day.  Go for a walk in the woods.  Go shopping.  Run a marathon.  You'll come back ready for the kids, almost like the start of a new school year.

Monday, October 31st
  • Jay's in DC
Tuesday, November 1st
  • Homework Club  4:15-5:15
Wednesday, November 2nd
  • PTO staff grants  9:30-11:30
  • A-team  1:30-3:00
  • Sphero Club  4:15-5:15 (Come check it out!)
Thursday, November 3rd
  • Grade level meetings (Please have your team goal/SLO/PPG ready for discussion!)
  • Homework Club  4:15-5:15
Friday, November 4th
  • IEP Power Day (10:45 and 3:30 IEPs for me)
Great things I saw...
  • Janine is back!
  • Great baby shower for Kaitlyn!
  • Incredibly deep conversations among students learning in Science and Math.
  • Gallery walks in LA.
  • Variety of activities in all of your classrooms.
  • Students really enjoying our new playground.
  • Students accepting me as their guest teacher.  Great conversations about Math and Science.
  • Students and staff getting into the Red Ribbon Spirit Week dress up days.
  • After our assembly today, Mr. Olson stopped me and spoke about our kids.  More importantly he spoke about all of you.  He speaks all over and was amazed that you were all sitting with the kids during the assembly.  That is not something he sees very often.  To say he was impressed is an understatement.  Like I sometimes say, it's the little things.
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(I made with Google drawings)

(I made with Google drawings) 
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Family smore from 10.27.16

The family picture...
I'll be missing our family picture tomorrow.  Jen, Lauren, and I will be on our way to Washington, DC for the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.  If you want to follow me while I run, you can use the app found in this website-  I'm bib number 1059 and Sarah Johnson, principal from Spooner, WI, will be running with me.  It's her first marathon.  It's my 30th.  Brooks running has been very nice to us, providing shoes and registration and VIP credentials.  That means we have access to the best porta johns.  I'll be thinking of three things when I run- my family, all of you, and the Marines.  If I break it up the right way, each mile will be for one of you.  I'll be thinking about the great things you do with and for our kids, with and for each other, and for our school.  I'm sure there will be a tweet or two before I run and after, and I'll be proudly sharing it on the #mertonint hashtag.
Maybe one of you can figure out how to photo shop me into the picture.

See you on Tuesday!
Be the one!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.- John Gunnell