Friday, October 7, 2016

What did you notice this week?

After reading Pernille Ripp's post "One Small Act" on Saturday morning, I thought, "How many of these small acts do we really notice?"  It set me my focus for the week so here are the small acts I noticed.
  • M&Ms eating lunch with 5th graders, playing at recess, and just watching the 5th graders look up to them.  So happy that Heather and Megan got this started!
  • Barb making phone calls to 7th and 8th grade families to set up invitational only conferences for October 11th.  Thanks, Barb!
  • A student provided me a mint Tuesday morning.  I asked if it was because of my breath but he told me it was because he liked me.
  • 8th graders officiated, and cheered on, 7th graders during the football playoffs at lunch time.
  • NJHS students literally taking over Homework Club.
  • Guest teachers who had nothing but good things to say about our kids.
  • Jordan fixing a compressor so that I now have a pump for playground balls.
  • Watching the "new kids" become acclimated to our school because of you and the students keeping an eye on them.
  • The power of the conversations we had in grade level meetings and our SIP team meeting.  Your honesty and belief that we can be better for our kids is contagious.
  • Ron and Lori covering lunch and recess for me so that I could attend a meeting in Madison.  Thanks!
  • Before and after hours meetings with families to positively impact student success.
  • Innovator's Mindset Twitter chat on Thursday night. (Check out the conversation here at #mertonIM) Continuing our learning and discussions outside of school hours. Just one example of the learning and preparation that all of you do all the time!
Monday, October 10th
  • Boosterthon kickoff assembly 8:45-9:30AM
    • Adjusted schedule is here.
      • 1st hour  9:30-10:02                     6th grade specials  9:30-10:00
      • 2nd hour  10:05-10:36                  5th grade specials  10:03-10:33
      • 3rd hour  10:39-11:10
      • 4th hour  11:13-11:44
    • Don't forget to wear your red t-shirt!
Tuesday, October 11th
  • Picture retake day (No groups at this time.  We ran ahead of schedule last year.)
    • 8:30  staff
    • 8:55-9:10  5th grade
    • 9:15-9:30  8th grade
    • 9:35-9:50  7th grade
    • 9:55-10:10  6th grade
  • 7/8 invitation conferences
Wednesday, October 12th
  • PLC meeting 8:00-8:40AM
  • CPI training 4:15-5:15PM
Thursday, October 13th
  • Anyone up for a Throwback Thursday?  Chance of gift cards if you participate!
  • CPI training 7:30-8:30AM
  • Grade levels/ Specials meetings
Friday, October 14th
  • CPI training 7:30-8:30AM
Thursday, October 20th
  • It's Boosterthon fun run day!
  • 5/6 fun run at 1:30PM
  • 7/8 fun run at 2:45PM
Tuesday, November 1st

Tweets, quotes, and blogs
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia Newsletter (Sent to me by Mrs. Brunnbauer.  There is great information for all students in this newsletter.)
I Was a "Relationships Second" Teacher (from ASCD)
@mertonint on Twitter
#mertonint on Twitter
#mertonIM on Twitter (Merton's Innovator's Mindset chat from Thursday night)
Merton Intermediate School Facebook page
Family smore from 10.7.16
(from Pinterest)
(I made with Google drawings)
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School Improvement Plan Team
The quote above from Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" is so appropriate for us as educators.  We can't change history, we can only learn from it.  Why look back when looking forward has so many possibilities.  What are you doing now that is best for kids? (Enough cliches?)  Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) is looking forward to developing a literacy and math goal for our students.  We met for the first time on Thursday.  One of the responsibilities of the team members is to get your input.  Be honest when you are giving your feedback as we want to hear from all of you.  Thanks in advance for your commitment to improvement.

Be the one!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.