Friday, September 30, 2016

Super September!

It's hard to believe that today is the final day of September.  We have the first month under our belts.  Procedures and expectations are in place.  Relationships are being fostered with students, families, and colleagues.  Now it's time to assess where we are going, develop a plan for student success, and do whatever it takes to make that plan a success.  This will begin with our School Improvement Plan and the staff who agreed to help develop this plan.  Please know that we are all a part of this process, even if you're not on the team developing the plan.  Representatives will be sharing our ideas with you in grade level meetings, during lunch, in the hallways, and in the parking lot.  I know that I've told you that I don't like parking lot conversations, but sometimes that's the only place we might see one another.  It is important for us to have these conversations to move the learning forward.  If you have concerns or ideas upon hearing of the plan during its development, don't hesitate to reach out to the members of the team.  We need your voice.  Once we have a plan developed, we will continue to check in with you to see how we are progressing.  I'm excited to set the bar high, create a plan, put it into place, and celebrate our success.

Great things I saw this week...
  • NJHS tutors are so focused on helping out on Homework Club that things are running more smoothly than at any other time.  The kids are really holding one another accountable.
  • The M&M presentation at the board meeting was awesome!
  • The kids were engaged with boomwhackers, Simon Says, and CPR, and so was I.
  • There were 3 after school and one before school learning opportunities for our staff (CPI, Mindset, Innovator's Mindset) that I was involved in, and I know there were many more.  It's great to learn with you all.
  • You really worked hard on data analysis and finding out what we can do to help our kids grow.
  • It's awesome seeing you model your learning, and reading, with the kids.
  • It's all about the relationships, and I continue to see you all reaching out to connect with all of our kids.  My highlight of the week was being invited to take part in CPR in Dave's 8/9 block with 8th graders.  It was amazing listening to the kids providing compliments to one another.  It's incredible to watch the kids squirm when they are complimented.  Makes me think (know) that we should do this more often.
  • The Mustang Medals in the commons show only some of the great things our kids do every day.  Thanks for filling these out, and let's go for double the amount next month!
  • A little something funny...I was reading over a paper during Homework Club.  The student wanted to run for President and he was counting his "delicates". I hope he meant "delegates".

Tuesday, October 4th
  • Twitter Tuesday at 8:00AM in the Library
    • Set up a Twitter account
    • Learn how to use tweetdeck
    • All are welcome!
  • Grade level/ Specials meetings 
    • Jay is at a meeting in Madison on Thursday
    • Thanks for your flexibility.
  • Homework Club at 4:15PM in the Library
Wednesday, October 5th
  • CPI training at 7:30AM/4:15PM in the Library
  • A-team meeting at 1:30PM at the Primary School
Thursday, October 6th
  • Jay in Madison for a 9:00AM meeting
    • I'll return in the afternoon
  • Homework Club at 4:15PM in the Library

Tweets, quotes, and blogs
Some Ideas for Channeling High Energy Needs Into Better Learning (from @pernilleripp)
(from Pinterest)

(from Pinterest)

Family smore from 9.30.16

What a week!  I'm so proud of the data work that was done by our Literacy teachers and coaches this week.  You are all so focused on doing what's best for kids, and it shows.  And then there were the team meetings this week.  Kids first, again, and the positive things you have to say about the kids is contagious.  So now I need to ask you a favor.  Please send down one student so that I can call home with them.  Send them down with a Mustang Medal for me to reference when I call.  I'll have copies for you at our meeting this morning.  I can't honestly call them all at the same time so let's use this time frame.
9:00- 8th grade
9:30- 5th grade
10:00- 6th grade
10:30- 7th grade
And if you want to call a family or two in the afternoon, let me know and I'll stop in and cover your class so that you can.
Be the one!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of each other.