Friday, August 4, 2017

What can we learn from each other?

In a couple of weeks, we'll be back together learning from one another.  There is truly no preparation needed, except for making sure that you complete your 30 second flipgrid video.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check this link to last week's nuts and bolts.  And please don't forget about setting up a time to meet with me before school starts.  I'm talking to all of you here no matter what your title.  There are three questions we'll be discussing which can also be found in last week's nuts and bolts.  Be open to stretching your thinking, sharing your ideas, and having deep conversations about what we can do a little better for our students and each other.  Be ready to share any summer learning with one another, no matter where or how that learning took place.  Let's make sure that we model our learning for one another but, more importantly, for our students.  They need to see that we continue to learn all the time.

Monday, August 7th
In most of the day
Tuesday, August 8th
In most of the day
Garden 9-11
New Principals with AWSA in Pewaukee at 2:00
Wednesday, August 9th
In most of the day
Meeting with Heidi 9AM
PTO meeting 10AM
Thursday, August 10th
In most of the day
Garden 9-11
GHO at 11:00 (I'm starting a podcast!)
Friday, August 11th
In for the morning (if necessary)

Tweets, blogs, and quotes
A Different Gift (from Brad Gustafson)
What is your 2.0? (from Spike Cook)
Perfect on Paper? (from Ben Gilpin)
Finding Inspiration in Yourself (from George Couros)

Time for a challenge
I'm part of a group of principals that follow the hashtag #principalsinaction.  We have a weekly challenge so I thought I'd give you all one for next week.  Ready- Get outside as often as you can.  Go to the State Fair with family and/or friends.  Leave your phone or other device in another room when you invite over family and/or friends.  Read the book you've wanted to read all summer long.  Do I expect you to do all of these challenges?  No way, but wouldn't that be a great summer week?

Be the one!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.- John Gunnell