Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On your marks...

Well, it won't be long until we're back together again.  Soon you will read the agenda for Summer Academy, Work Days, and Assessment Days that Ron will be sending you.  I'm excited to be learning with you during the Summer Academy and I look forward to meeting with all teams at some point in time during our two work days.

If you haven't been in the building this week, it might be a good idea to wait until next week.  The custodial staff is doing a great job preparing classrooms, hallways, and all other areas for you and the kids.  I'm sure that John will send out an update soon about when your rooms will be ready.  The gym is being repainted, too.  I can't wait to see what it looks like.

Staff smore from July 29, 2016 and staff highlights form
Just in case you missed it, Mike and I sent out a smore for staff last week.  There are some important items (PTO Boosterthon, new staff, some fun reading on my blog) that might be of interest to you.  Here is the smore so you don't have to go check in your emails.
I also had a Staff Highlights form I sent out for you to complete.  In case you can't find it, here it is.  It's seriously 8 short answer questions.  I'd also like a picture or two of you that I can use to share this information in upcoming family smores.  Thanks for playing along.

Garden update
Thanks to Dave Wagner, Patrick Middleton, and many NJHS volunteers, the garden is really doing well this year.  I dropped off squash, peppers, and cucumbers Wednesday at the Hartland Food Pantry.  The volunteers were so happy to hear that we will be bringing our harvest to them in the weeks to come.  Stop on out and take a look when you have a chance.

This is what I'd like to focus on this year.
Some of you may know Pernille Ripp.  Others of you may have heard of Pernille Ripp.  We all should find time to read what Pernille has written this week in her blog.  Here it is.  Let's make sure that we continue to keep the focus on our kids.  And as John Gunnell would say, "Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  And take care of yourself."

See you soon.