Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's half time

I started writing this week's nuts and bolts following the Packers exciting victory over the Cowboys.  I thought of all of the changes that were made at half time of that game for both teams.  It was a one score lead for the Packers, but the Cowboys made some changes that made the game so close that it was tied, twice.  The Packers made their changes, too, and because of the great play of the entire team, the Packers were victorious.  Now we have the same opportunity as the Cowboys and Packers did on Sunday.  We have successes to celebrate, adjustments to make, and expectations to review and reinforce.  You used the time we had yesterday, and I know you will use the time this morning, to get together and have discussions that will lead us to a strong second half.  There will be ups and downs along the way, just like there were in the first half of the year, but I know that we have the teammates to make a great run, an incredible pass and catch, or a last second field goal.  Whatever we do, I know we do it because it's what is best for our kids and each other.  Go Mustangs Go!

Great things I saw this weeks...
  • I received an email early Monday morning from Stone Bank.  Two boys were making fun of a student from another school at last Friday's dance.  One student was punched in the head.  This is what was in the email.  "Jay- two 7th graders were among the boys sticking up for XXXXX.  They were great kids!  One was the recipient of the punch, but he did not retaliate.  I was impressed with their behavior."  You have done a great job helping to raise our students up right.
  • Posters on the walls, emails sent to staff, and cookies in the lounge from our 8th grade health students who are spreading kindness.  And one more example is the terrific website with inspiration for each month of the school year. Merton Inspiration
  • Staff meeting to discuss what's best for two of our new students.  The genuine care you all show was exemplified in this meeting.
  • Staff either picking students up at their home to bring them to school or taking them home when they don't have a ride.  It's those "other duties as assigned" that really show our families how much we care about our kids.
  • Kids celebrating one another during Sphero Club.  Check it out here!
  • Celebrations for our kids, and staff, on Thursday because of their behavior and the expectations you set forth every day.
  • Two of our 7th graders helping the Primary School students celebrate their Mustang Corral being filled.
Monday, January 23rd
  • practice 7:00-8;15
  • I've got nothing on my calendar, so I'll be in classrooms all day long, unless I have to do MAP makeup tests.
Tuesday, January 24th
  • practice 7:00-8:15
  • Homework Club 4:15-5:15
Wednesday, January 25th
  • A-team meeting 1:30-3:00?
  • game at Stone Bank 5:30
Thursday, January 26th
  • practice 7:00-8:15
  • grade level and specials meetings
  • Homework Club 4:15-5:15
Friday, January 27th
  • practice 7:00-8:15
  • I've got nothing on my calendar, so I'll be in classrooms all day long, unless I have to do MAP makeup tests.
***Don't forget that you need to set up a mid-year review meeting with me beginning the week of January 30th.  If you'd like to meet earlier, that's fine with me.  The final day for these mid-year meetings will be Tuesday, February 7th.  If you can't find a time to meet with me on my calendar, please email me times that work for you and I will see if I can adjust my schedule (i.e.- lunch/recess duty, Homework Club).  Please don't forget to complete the mid-year forms that are in Google Classroom.

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Thank you for a great first half of the school year.  You do so much for our students, and each other, that goes unnoticed by many outside of our family.  I have a deep respect for each of you and the efforts, creativity, and perseverance you show each and every day.  Enjoy this afternoon and the rest of the weekend, cheer on the Packers this Sunday, and come to school Monday ready to kick off the second half with a positive attitude, continued care and concern for our kids, and an effort that will make you proud.
Be the one!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.- John Gunnell