Friday, March 24, 2017

Testing week- Thank you!

A week of testing and family conferences has gone by and I need to say thank you.
  • Thank you for your work on test preparation.
  • Thank you for your dedication to our kids.
  • Thank you for providing a testing environment that kept the focus on the kids' opportunity for success.
  • Thank you for your flexibility with our testing schedule.
  • Thank you for having fun with our kids when they needed down time.
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your colleagues and me to make adjustments as the week progressed.
  • Thank you for connecting with our students and their families, face to face.  The power of face to face is so much greater than an email or Skyward message.
  • Thank you for Being the One!
Me and my shadow...
You may have noticed that Lynsey Bakkum, first grade teacher at the Primary School, was shadowing me on Thursday afternoon.  We took part in lunch and recess duty, walked through lots of classrooms, asked students what they were learning, spoke to a couple of students about their behavior, watched students take the Forward Exam through classroom windows, and saw Spheros in action.  Lynsey was impressed with our school and spoke about how quiet it was.  Some of it was the testing environment upstairs, but I also told her that you all have put procedures and expectations in place that help students be more successful.  And I almost forgot.  Lynsey saw me conduct the 5th grade band.  It was just a regular day at Merton Intermediate School, one that I sometimes take for granted.  I apologize for that.  Our school isn't a great school by accident.  It's a great school because of all that you do with and for our students.  So this is another thank you.

Saturday, March 25th
EdCampElm- held at Brookfield Central High School

Monday, March 27th
  • 7:30-8:15  coaching
  • 7PM  School board meeting (SIP team members are welcome to join me.)
Tuesday, March 28th
  • 7:15-8:30  volleyball practice
  • 12:22-1:03  Makey Makey showcase
  • 4:15-5:15  Homework Club
Wednesday, March 29th
  • 7:15-8:30  volleyball practice
  • 4:30  Reading specialist interviews
Thursday, March 30th
  • Grade level and Specials meetings
  • 4:15-5:15  Homework Club
  • 4:30  volleyball games at Merton
  • 7:00  School board meeting
Friday, March 31st
  • No office day!
Tweets, quotes, and blogs

(from Pinterest)

There is a reason for this number.  Our students will be with us, after today, for 4300 minutes until Spring Break arrives for us all.  It is important for us to take advantage of each one of these minutes, provide a focus for our students and each other, and make every minute count.  If you provide learning opportunities that engage our students in learning, and learning something new, they will provide you with a fantastic effort like none you have ever seen.  Keep up your energy.  Walk the halls with a colleague during your prep period.  Walk the halls with the students.  Visit another teacher during your prep period.  Check on your students in specials or study hall.  Eat lunch with the students.  Eat lunch with a colleague you haven't spoken with in a while.  Let the students know that you are keeping an eye on them, and do it with a smile.  Call home with a student after class to let their family know they had a great day.  Take a picture of a student being kind or safe or doing their job and send it home in an email or post it on Twitter.  And do one more thing.  Reflect on the good you do every day for our students.  Write it on a post it note and put it on your computer monitor or desk.  If you start today, you'll have 11 positive reasons for why you are a teacher, and I bet each one will mention what you have done for a student, or group of students, that shows your impact on them.
As always, Be the One!
Take care of the kids.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.- John Gunnell