Sunday, October 6, 2013

Promoting Critical Conversations #SAVMP

As I read George's comments regarding promoting critical conversations, I realized two things.  The first is that critical conversations can only be impactful if a relationship has first been developed.  The second is that all conversations are critical.
In order to have critical conversations that will impact both you and the person you are conversing with, there must be a high degree of trust in the relationship.  Without this trust, the conversation will do little to change either you or the other person.  These critical conversations allow both parties to express their thoughts about a topic and provide reasoning that is valid for both.  The thing to do is to build trust with those you work with.  Trust cannot be developed overnight.  It takes time and often occurs in incremental steps that need to build upon one another.
I believe all conversations are critical.  Even the most simple conversation helps to build a relationship.  It matters not whether these conversations occur in an office, in a hallway, in a meeting, or elsewhere.  If we are talking about kids, the conversation is critical.  Enough said.
In order to promote critical conversations, develop a strong relationship built on trust and keep talking about kids!